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3000-foot rule

Added on: January 24, 2019        Duration: 7 minutes

Pilots are taught many rules of thumb with respect to weather. In many instances they can replace real weather analysis, and therefore, lead to poor decisions. If you ask an instrument pilot about rules of thumb related to airframe icing, they will usually bring up one known as the...

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The ugly side of non-convective LLWS

Added on: December 23, 2018        Duration: 8 minutes

A pilot rarely charges through adverse weather on purpose. There has to be a reason why a pilot makes a bad decision when weather is to blame. Ignorance plays a significant role in many weather-related aviation accidents or mishaps. Experience and skill don’t always protect a pilot from themselves. We can normally expect an inexperienced pilot to make a mistake, but...

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Multiple freezing levels

Added on: December 13, 2018        Duration: 8 minutes

When flying under instrument flight rules (IFR), knowing the freezing level before you depart is paramount no matter what the calendar says. But it is especially important to monitor the freezing level closely during the spring and fall when it tends to change the most on a day to day basis. Also during this time of the year, it is quite common for...

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Too cold for icing

Added on: November 11, 2018        Duration: 10 minutes

Unless you are flying an aircraft that has a certified ice protection system (IPS), the decision to fly into the clouds when the static air temperature is at or below 0 degrees Celsius often means some risk of structural icing. Whether or not structural icing is possible is completely dependent on...

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The ugly side of virga

Added on: May 24, 2018        Duration: 12 minutes

Many pilots are taught to strictly avoid what is known as virga. Virga is created when precipitation in the form of rain or snow falling out of the base of a cloud evaporates in a dry atmosphere before reaching the surface. It has a wispy appearance hanging from the base of the cloud when viewed from a distance. Virga that occurs outside of convective activity is very common and ordinarily...

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