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Mastering the Skew-T diagram

Added on: July 1, 2017        Duration: 3 hours and 5 minutes

Thermodynamic charts such as the Skew-T log (p) diagram are one of the best kept secrets in aviation. It represents one of the most versatile power tools in the pilot's preflight planning toolbox. Specifically, the Skew-T log (p) diagram allows the pilot to "drill down" over a particular location to...

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Beyond The Weather Brief

Added on: July 16, 2009        Duration: 2 hours and 43 minutes

Every pilot must get beyond the generalizations and simple rules of thumb they were taught in their primary training. When the weather is even remotely challenging, the need to work hard to put together an objective analysis of the weather using a method that works every time is...

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Ice Is NOT Nice - Part 1

Added on: August 29, 2008        Duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes

Whether flying during the winter or the summer months, understanding the factors associated with structural icing is critical especially for pilots flying under instrument flight rules (IFR). Icing is a complex topic and demands a...

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Ice Is NOT Nice - Part 2

Added on: February 27, 2009        Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes

Whether you are a novice pilot or seasoned professional, Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2 takes icing analysis to the next level. Part 1 provided an in-depth discussion surrounding the factors of structural icing to promote situational awareness. Now it's time to apply this training to a real flight environment using a scenario-based approach. Over a dozen cases were surveyed for Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2. Three scenarios were chosen that represented very typical icing environments in three different parts of the U.S. The three modules are focused on post-cold frontal icing, the most common form of icing that a pilot will typically face during the icing season...

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Understanding turbulence

Added on: March 24, 2011        Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

From the beginning, all pilots learn to cope with those annoying bumps called turbulence. But can turbulence be deadly? Compared to scheduled air carrier operations, a general aviation pilot is...

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