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Ice Is NOT Nice - Part 2

Added on: February 27, 2009         Duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes

Whether you are a novice pilot or seasoned professional, Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2 takes icing analysis to the next level. Ice Is NOT Nice Part 1 provided an in-depth discussion surrounding the factors associated with structural icing to promote situational awareness. Now it's time to apply this training to a real flight environment using a scenario-based approach. Over a dozen cases were surveyed for Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2. Out of those cases, three scenarios were chosen that represented very typical icing environments in three different parts of the U.S.

The three modules are focused on post-cold frontal icing - the most common form of icing that a pilot will typically face during the cold season.

Module 1 - Proposed flight from Springfield, Illinois to Williamsport, Pennsylvania in November 2007

Module 2 - Proposed flight from Austin, Texas to Abilene, Texas in March 2008

Module 3 - Proposed flight from Astoria, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon in March 2008.

Icing expert, Ben C. Bernstein, does the primary analysis and narration for the three scenarios developed in Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2. All of the charts, diagrams, maps and text presented were captured from real data, however, none of these proposed flights were actually made. We strongly encourage you to review or purchase Ice Is NOT Nice Part 1 before purchasing or beginning Part 2.

Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2 contains one hour and 52 minutes of unprecedented training for pilots wanting to learn more about how to minimize their exposure to structural icing. Members and Elite members of AvWxWorkshops.com will receive a discount on this premium workshop.

Disclaimer: Flying into known icing conditions is hazardous. The purpose of this training program is to minimize your exposure to airframe icing, not enable a pilot to fly through it. Flying into known icing conditions requires an aircraft equipped with a certified ice protection system (IPS). Even with a certified IPS, extended flight in moderate or greater icing conditions can be hazardous. Flight into conditions containing supercooled large drop (SLD) icing is extremely dangerous and not permitted even with an aircraft with a certified IPS.

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