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Scott's pet peeve number 2 - Non-convective low level wind shear

Added on: June 29, 2011         Duration: 12 minutes

Whether you are on the ground or in the air, the phrase "wind shear" should get the immediate attention of every pilot. How about when it appears in a terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF)? A pilot hears the term "wind shear" and immediately equates this with thunderstorms and turbulence. It’s a common misconception, but non-convective low level wind shear as it appears in a TAF is not usually a forecast for turbulence.Probably the most poorly understood forecast among pilots is one for non-convective low-level wind shear (LLWS). In fact, in most cases when this is forecast, the air is relatively smooth. So what is non-convective low-level wind shear and why isn’t it typically turbulent? In this workshop we will explore how atmospheric stability plays a key role making this form of wind shear non-turbulent.


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