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A case of bad CIP

Added on: October 12, 2009         Duration: 12 minutes

It’s never a good practice to rely too heavily on any one piece of weather guidance when making a preflight decision. For those pilots that regularly use the Current Icing Product (or CIP) for your preflight weather briefings you’ll want to pay close attention. While CIP usually does a fantastic job depicting the icing environment that was present at the top of every hour, there are times where it can miss the icing altogether " even heavy icing. From an icing perspective, it is imperative that all pilots use this operational icing analysis while taking clues from other weather products to include surface observations, visible and infrared satellite, soundings, NEXRAD, AIRMET and SIGMETs, and of course, pilot reports. In this workshop we’ll look at a case where CIP clearly missed a serious icing hazard in Upstate New York despite the fact that pilots in this area were reporting moderate to severe structural icing.


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