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Altimeter setting and elevation

Added on: August 9, 2012         Duration: 8 minutes

There are many kinds of ways to represent the surface pressure. The one that most pilots are familiar with is the altimeter setting. It’s typically provided to pilots on a standard briefing and may be obtained by pilots on the ground or in flight by air traffic control or by listening to the local weather broadcast from an AWOS, ASOS or ATIS. According to the Federal Meteorological Handbook, Chapter 11, the altimeter setting is defined as, “The pressure value to which an aircraft altimeter scale is set so that it will indicate the altitude above mean sea level of an aircraft on the ground at the location for which the value was determined.” While this definition is correct, it doesn’t tell a complete story. In this workshop, you will learn how station elevation can impact the altimeter setting for airports in mountainous regions.


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