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Surface pressure troughs

Added on: December 12, 2010         Duration: 6 minutes

Before a flight, pilots should always study the latest surface analysis chart to identify the major weather systems that are affecting the U.S. What has occurred in the recent past is the springboard for what is about to happen in the near future. The latest surface analysis chart is made available on the Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) website and depicts an isobaric analysis of pressure (in millibars) adjusted to mean sea level. This includes a few familiar features such as high and low pressure centers as well as the location and type of surface frontal zones. It also may include a few unfamiliar features such as drylines, squall lines, outflow boundaries and surface pressure troughs. In this workshop we’ll define a surface pressure trough and identify what kind of adverse weather to expect for a flight that might cross through such a boundary.


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