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Clear air turbulence

Added on: June 23, 2010         Duration: 11 minutes

Turbulence by far is one of the most difficult adverse weather elements for pilots to visualize on any weather chart or map. While highly variable throughout the year, it is not limited to a particular season and occurs anytime during the day and night. In simple terms, the turbulence we feel is the result of atmospheric mixing also referred to as turbulent mixing. Areas with a good chance of turbulent mixing are what meteorologists are aiming to identify to build their forecasts. Forecasting turbulence, however, is extremely difficult so meteorologists must rely on conceptual models and pattern recognition to understand what conditions may have the greatest chance to introduce atmospheric mixing. In this workshop we’ll look at a few classic signatures that sometimes can produce the most serious encounters with a specific category of turbulence called clear air turbulence (CAT). This is turbulence largely experienced outside of the cloud boundary.


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