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Terminal forecasts: Reading between the lines

Added on: December 22, 2010         Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Learning to read a terminal aerodrome forecast, better known to pilots as TAFs, requires more than just deciphering an unfamiliar code. Pilots need to have an appreciation for its inherent limitations that are largely imposed by NWS directives and local forecast rules. Meteorologists consider terminal forecasts to be point forecasts. Consequently, the relatively small size of the terminal area strongly influences how a forecaster will construct or amend the TAF. Knowing how to properly incorporate these highly detailed forecasts into a preflight briefing requires the pilot learn how to look well beyond the text to read between the lines of a TAF.

This workshop assumes the pilot has a basic understanding of the TAF coded format. The material presented is intended for certificated pilots at all experience levels flying under VFR or IFR.

This premium workshop includes the following 9 training modules:

  1. TAF definitions and background
  2. Sky cover, ceiling, visibility and flight category
  3. Forecast change groups
  4. Area forecast discussion and TAF amendments
  5. Non-convective LLWS, Part 1
  6. Non-convective LLWS, Part 2
  7. TAF displays
  8. Thunderstorm forecasts in the terminal area
  9. Case analysis: Unforecast convection in Charlotte, NC

*Please note that Adobe Flash is required. When purchasing this premium workshop on CD-ROM, please understand that access to view the workshop online is NOT also granted.


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