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Beyond The Weather Brief Preview

Added on: July 17, 2009         Duration: 18 minutes

Every pilot must get beyond the generalizations and simple rules of thumb that rarely apply especially when Mother Nature is at her worst. When the weather is even remotely challenging, the need to work hard to put together an objective analysis of the weather using a method that works every time is paramount. In this preview of Module 3 you will learn how to read and use a constant pressure chart.

Beyond The Weather Brief has 8 modules and each module ends with a short quiz to test your comprehension. As a bonus, there is a 30 minute preflight analysis for a trip from New Orleans, Louisiana to Charlottesville, Virginia. This case analysis is designed to teach you how to integrate many of the weather products and guidance discussed in this premium workshop.

For more information on how to purchase this 2 hour and 16 minute program, please visit our Premium Workshops (http://avwxworkshops.com/workshops-titles.php?type=premium). Right now we invite you to enjoy this 18 minute preview of Module 3 (Constant Pressure Charts) of the Beyond The Wx Brief premium workshop.

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