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The ugly side of non-convective LLWS

Added on: December 23, 2018         Duration: 8 minutes

A pilot rarely charges through adverse weather on purpose. There has to be a reason why a pilot makes a bad decision when weather is to blame. Ignorance plays a significant role in many weather-related aviation accidents or mishaps. Experience and skill don’t always protect a pilot from themselves. We can normally expect an inexperienced pilot to make a mistake, but you have to wonder how an experienced pilot can make a gross error when it comes to weather. There are many times that the decision to fly or not to fly is a no-brainer. To keep us honest, however, there are conditions that seem to be within our limits, but with more investigation raise some additional concerns. Learning those key items that trigger us to dig deeper are discovered only through training and not through experience or trial and error. One of these is called “the magnitude factor.” In this workshop we’ll examine one such large-scale synoptic event where the overall magnitude of a non-convective LLWS event is worth watching safely from the ground.


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