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Air mass modification

Added on: December 22, 2016         Duration: 10 minutes

An air mass is an extremely large body of air whose properties of temperature and moisture are fairly similar in any horizontal direction at any given latitude. While air masses are three-dimensional, their lateral dimensions are typically two or three orders of magnitude larger than their vertical dimensions. Most pilots tend to focus what may occur at the air mass boundary and rarely account for what happens behind the boundary as the air mass becomes modified by the surface characteristics of the new region. In addition to assessing air mass characteristics and direction of movement, pilots should strive to understand how an air mass may become modified as it moves away from their source regions. In this workshop we'll determine how to classify an air mass by its source region and explore how an air mass becomes modified by the surface characteristics to drive the weather conditions for that area. Additionally, you'll learn how the air mass regulates the temperature aloft as well as at the surface while diurnal changes only affect the temperature in the boundary layer.


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