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"The trip on Friday went perfectly, the weather behaved as we had discussed online and since I ended up leaving later than planned it was VMC all the time. On Sunday on the way back I was IMC all the time. I have to say that, thanks to all of your great teaching, I was confident, dare I almost say knew, that there were no issues with the weather. It was clear that the the atmosphere was stable along my route of flight and that the freezing level was way above my intended altitude."

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Looking for a keynote speaker at your next aviation event or program? As a member of the Transportation Speaker's Association, Scott would welcome the opportunity to speak at your next aviation event. Scott's qualifications and experience offer a unique perspective to aviation weather training not found anywhere else in aviation. If you are interested in obtaining more information on how to hire Scott to speak at your next event, please call (704) 759-6601 (between 8 am and 5 pm eastern time) or send an e-mail to contact@avwxworkshops.com

Pilot Weather: From solo to the airlines

The newest weather book

This is the newest, most in-depth, up to date aviation weather book available. It's a must have for any certificated private pilot or seasoned airline professional. It's co-authored by two experts in the field of aviation weather. Doug Morris and Scott Dennstaedt are aviation authors, experienced flight instructors and meteorologists. You can't ask for any better combination than that! In the 33 chapters and 394 pages, this book covers every weather topic important for any pilot. Although written for pilots who fly in the United States, there are many chapters in the book that do not depend on where you live and fly. You'll learn many aspects of weather that are simply not taught during your primary training. to fill in those gaps in knowledge where your primary training left off. Want to see a couple samples, take a look at the table of contents. Here's the preface and first chapter on the atmosphere. And last, here's a sample of the glossary.


Note: At this time, this book is only available in soft cover.



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Meet your authors


Doug Morris

Doug is an Air Canada Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) captain who has amassed nearly 24,000 hours of flight time. Doug did most of his training and initial flight-hour accumulation on Canada's East coast, where weather is a major player in flight operations. He has experienced a huge range of weather phenomena not only on the temperamental eastern seaboard, but throughout the world. He has contended with Pacific typhoons, ferocious jet streams corkscrewing both hemispheres, space weather while transiting the North Pole, wicked crosswinds at London Heathrow Airport, and low visibility approaches flying into smog-prone New Delhi, India. Plus, he has flown into America's top 20 busiest airports with many having unique weather. Part of his career also saw Doug venture into meteorology when things were lean in the aviation world.


A certified meteorologist, Doug worked for Atmospheric Environment Canada for four years as a forecaster. He has been teaching weather to aspiring student pilots for years. Many a new Air Canada hire has received a weather refresher from Doug! He has been writing the aviation page for Air Canada's in-flight magazine, enRoute, for nearly 21 years. He writes a weather column for Canadian Aviator, and has been in Wings and Weatherwise magazines, as well as various newspapers and other publications. Doug's best-selling book, From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science describes a virtual flight from Toronto to Hong Kong on the Airbus 340, explaining the many aspects of aviation along the way. To date, it's sold over 14,000 copies! Doug has added aviation talks to his growing resume. He travels Canada delivering presentations on weather, aviation safety, and flying in general.


Captain Doug resides in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and has three adult children. Aviation and weather are his passions, and he hopes Pilot Weather will inspire others to seek an exciting and dynamic experience in aviation.

Scott Dennstaedt

Scott holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and has been an FAA-certificated flight instructor (CFI) for over 20 years. Out of college he was employed by the National Weather Service as a research meteorologist while living in Maryland. He then received his Master's degree in Computer Science and stepped out of the weather business for about 15 years to pursue a career in software engineering at various aerospace companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Northrop Grumman where he wrote and tested software for air traffic control systems, air defense systems and he even helped to build a Level D flight simulator for a Beech 1900D.


In the late 1990s, Scott left Northrop Grumman as a fellow engineer to become a full-time flight instructor where he was able to marry up his meteorology training and experience with his new love for aviation. Consequently, in 2003 he founded Aviation Weather Workshops that is designed to teach pilots at all experience levels how to minimize their exposure to adverse weather. Scott built a ton of online content he distributes on his subscription-based website (avwxworkshops.com).


Over the past 20 years, Scott has written over 150 articles that have been published in various aviation magazines to include IFR, IFR Refresher, Flying, Plane & Pilot, Twin & Turbine, Contrails, and Pilot Journal, just to name a few. Scott now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is working part-time to finish his Ph.D. in Infrastructures and Environmental Systems at the University of North Carolina.