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"I very much enjoyed the Beyond The Wx Brief program in Cincinnati last weekend. I learned a number of new things, made many notes for further investigation / study on the subject of applied meteorology for pilots, and had almost all of my questions at the moment answered. I was not surprised by the quality because all of your online materials and programs at AvWxWorkshops.com as well as your other writings that I have seen are absolutely first rate. You have a very good ability to write and produce video products which are clear, succinct and to the point for topics which very few other authors / producers / instructors can explain nearly as well."

    - Paul S Richter

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Beyond The Wx Brief workshop this weekend. It was terrific having someone with your knowledge who is also a flight instructor and is totally tuned-in to how most of us in the workshop are using our technically advanced aircraft. You explained how to use a number of weather charts which are a much better version of some of the charts I have used in the past. It was particularly informative to begin to understand how to layer the charts to pull together information that may be very pertinent to address particular flight conditions which are of concern. I would love to attend the next version or even re-attend the workshop that you gave this weekend."

    - Diane Rohman

"As a weather newbie, let me reinforce the comments above. There is so much that's missed by the standard briefing one gets from DUATS or Lockheed Martin Flight Services. You highlighted multiple examples of how to read between the lines and use products, such as the Skew-T log (p) diagram, to drill down for better information. The seminar was filled with lots of 'did you know that [fill in the blank]?' revelations that filled 20 pages of my notes in addition to the slides you provided. I can see why other pilots would repeat this seminar, because it is full of practical information. The two day program was interactive with lots of excellent questions from the attendees that added to the learning experience."

    - Mark Waddell

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Weather Essentials for Pilots


Most of our weather education has been through reading text books, magazine articles and the occasional seminar or online tutorial. This material is filled with generalizations and rules of thumb that don't always apply especially when Mother Nature is at her worst. With respect to weather, the devil is in the details. Very few of these traditional learning resources are up-to-date with the latest technology and weather products freely available online. Traditional material tends to lack a detailed description on how to interpret and utilize these tools within the context of your preflight regiment. During your primary and instrument training, your formal weather instruction was either very general or vague - enough to pass the written and practical exams. As a result, many pilots feel their aviation weather knowledge is seriously behind the technology that has emerged online. Weather Essentials for Pilots provides an opportunity to build your weather acuity.


Weather Essentials for Pilots is a unique two-day aviation weather workshop developed and taught by CFI and former NWS research meteorologist, Scott C. Dennstaedt. This workshop is designed to remove much of the guesswork out of your preflight analysis by filling in those gaps in knowledge and take over where your primary training has left off. If you want to enhance your preflight and in-flight situational awareness beyond the standard weather brief, be sure to reserve your seat (see below) to Weather Essentials for Pilots. It will challenge your most basic understanding of the weather. For more information including a detailed syllabus and agenda, please click here.

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