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Elite Membership provides unlimited access to the WeatherSpork app that offers a comprehensive suite of high resolution weather guidance designed to increase your situational awareness with respect to adverse weather better than any other preflight weather planning tool available. And that's not all, this annual membership provides seamless access to a comprehensive library of bite-sized aviation weather training workshops that can be viewed online from your PC or Mac or within the WeatherSpork app on portable devices such as an iPad and iPhone. As a bonus, Elite members receive a 15 percent discount on the purchase of any premium workshop. After registration simply download the WeatherSpork app on your portable device, login and enjoy!

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Live Workshops

There are no live workshops scheduled or planned at this time. However, we are offering brand new live webinars. Please visit our new online training website AvWx Training for more information.

Online Library of Workshops

Elite members enjoy unlimited and free online access to a growing library of bite-sized aviation weather workshops. These audio and video workshops range from five to 20 minutes in length and are designed to pick up where your primary training left off. A simple "point-and-click" allows you to view them on your PC, Mac and portable devices such as an iPad and iPhone through our free WeatherSpork app. As long as your Elite membership has not expired, you can view and review these basic member workshops as often as you wish. New workshops are continually added to the library. Click here to try out a small sample of free workshops encapsulated in the library.

Premium workshops such as our best selling Mastering the Skew-T log (p) Diagram can be bought separately. Elite members can purchase any premium workshop for online viewing and will automatically get any updates to the programs for free. Elite members enjoy a 15 percent discount off the price of any premium workshop. Once you purchase a premium workshop for online viewing, it's yours to keep and you can view it as often as you'd like even after your membership expires. Even better, use our free WeatherSpork app to view these premium workshops on your portable devices such as your iPhone or iPad.

One-on-One Weather Training

If you prefer a more personal touch, you may want to consider one-on-one online weather training with CFI and former NWS research meteorologist, Scott Dennstaedt. Please visit our new training website AvWx Training for more information on how to set up a one-one-one training session.

WX Brief

Become an Elite member and gain seamless access to the WeatherSpork app, a comprehensive suite of high resolution weather guidance specifically designed to increase your situational awareness better than any standard weather briefing you may receive through Flight Service or DUATs.

In addition to all of the official weather reports and forecasts encapsulated in a standard weather brief, WeatherSpork also connects you to dozens of other NWS forecasts that provide complementary weather guidance at a much higher temporal and spatial resolution than the official forecasts. Whether you are departing in the next few hours or next few days, WeatherSpork has the extra tools that will add confidence to your preflight weather planning.


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  • "After the Beyond The Wx Brief workshop, I felt much more comfortable examining weather data and realized that forecasting may not be magic. After this weekend’s Weather Essentials for Pilots, I am fully prepared to utilize the abundance of weather analysis and forecasting products to understand upcoming weather events and properly prepare for cross country flying. AvWxWorkshops has really delivered on what every pilot needs to know. Thanks for your hard work and excellent preparation."
    - Hartie Spence

    "Thank you so much for such a great educational weekend. I learned a lot and am looking forward to learning more! You are an exceptionally, gifted teacher and I feel privileged to have spent time as your student."
    - Glenn Buckspan

    "I very much enjoyed the live program in Cincinnati last weekend. I learned a number of new things, made many notes for further investigation/study on the subject of applied meteorology for pilots, and had almost all of my questions at the moment answered. I was not surprised by the quality because all of your online materials and programs at as well as your other writings that I have seen are absolutely first rate. You have a very good ability to write and produce video products which are clear, succinct and to the point for topics which very few other authors / producers / instructors can explain nearly as well."
    - Paul S Richter

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the live workshop this weekend. It was terrific having someone with your knowledge who is also a flight instructor and is totally tuned-in to how most of us in the workshop are using our technically advanced aircraft.  You explained how to use a number of weather charts which are a much better version of some of the charts I have used in the past. It was particularly informative to begin to understand how to layer the charts to pull together information that may be very pertinent to address particular flight conditions which are of concern. I would love to attend the next version or even re-attend the workshop that you gave this weekend."
    - Diane Rohman

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  • "As a brand new IFR pilot with weak weather skills your site is just what I needed. I have already taken a few courses, they all have been so thoughtfully presented you have a real gift for teaching. It truly is a fantastic value."
    - Mark Kabbes

    "I am amazed at the quality of your workshops.  They are first class and superior to most of the Sporty's-type DVD courses I've bought-but better organized and better taught.  You are one of the first instructors I've encountered with a substantive body of knowledge that is independent of flying skills, per se, but which is vital to piloting, no matter the level.  And it is so applicable to any pilot, at any level, in any aircraft!"
    - Dr. Harvey Moore

    "I just finished your premium workshop on the Skew-T log (p) diagram last week.  Someone referred to it on the AOPA discussion forums so I followed up on it.  Although I have gone through all the primary training that a CFI gets, I understand a great deal more after going through your Skew-T program.  It is not just a matter of learning what the lines on the graph represent, but the Skew-Ts give you such a great visual representation of what is happening vertically.  By the way, I read on the forum that the CD was pricey...they are wrong!"
    - Bill Given

    "I just want to thank you for offering a terrific website full of valuable information! You present the material and topics so well.   I’ll be sure to spread the word of your services (and website) throughout the helicopter community in the Northeast."
    - Anastasios Nicholas

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  • "I flew today with my instructor to do some refresher IFR training in actual IMC.  Due to the online training you gave me, plus all our conversations about convection, stability, CAPE, lifted index, SPC discussions, etc. I had very high confidence that the large areas of moderate rain over our area were non-convective and would be smooth air.  We had stable conditions in widespread rain today, and my instructor was very impressed with my ability to explain why I was certain we'd be in smooth, non-convective rain.  I don't think we had a single bump the entire flight, even with rain pounding down on the windshield as we flew through some areas showing yellow on my satellite weather radar display.  Thanks for the added confidence you've given me."
    - Mike Heir

    "The trip on Friday went perfectly, the weather behaved as we had discussed in our one-on-one online training session.  Since I ended up leaving later than planned it was VMC all the time.  On Sunday on the way back I was IMC all the time.  I have to say that, thanks to all of your great teaching, I was confident, dare I almost say knew, that there were no issues with the weather. It was clear that the the atmosphere was stable along my route of flight and that the freezing level was way above my intended altitude."
    - Jean-Noel Pederzani

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  • "Those of you who haven't taken Scott's live workshop, or don't think you could get anything useful out of it, think again. Why sit on the ground all winter when a little more independent information might make a world of difference?"
    - Dr. Bill Dobson

    "Scott is a gifted instructor who adapts well to interactive questions. At times, weather stuff can drone on and folks can get sleepy, but the pace was varied, occasional interactive exercises stimulated us, and the audience interactions worked really well.

    Top marks for the quality of the projected materials. The presentations were done in PowerPoint slides with lots of graphics.  Interestingly, Scott seems obsessive with the technique for revealing points one at a time, but the organization of his material was so good, that lots and lots of time, questions were answered by exactly the next slide.  In my experience, that takes a gift of understanding your audience and organizing the material to reveal itself in ways that make sense to people.

    Aviation weather may not be high on your wish list. But the value to me of the seminar for working through the variety of weather data products available, adding several new tools to my repertoire, and understanding what I already knew in new ways, all added up to worth the time and effort."
    - Dr. Rick Beach

    "I had read a number of Scott's articles and also got training from him before flights last year. The payoff of the live workshop, for me, was learning how to use a variety of tools that can give a much clearer picture of what's ahead with the weather. The infamous 'Skew-T' plot is probably the most valuable.  FWIW I thought this was a worthwhile investment."
    - James Fallows

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