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Your AvWxWorkshops membership welcomes you to EZWxBrief: proudly introduces EZWxBrief, our new companion application! EZWxBrief is an affordable progressive web application (PWA) elegantly designed to blend supplemental weather guidance with the pilot’s personal weather minimums and expert weather training. All of this is uniquely integrated with the EZDeparture Advisor to instantly let you know the most favorable time to depart that will minimize your exposure to adverse weather along your proposed route. If you are a current AvWxWorkshops annual member, don't worry, the new application is ready for you to sign in and begin enjoying the simplicity of EZWxBrief. If your membership has expired, you will need to sign in to EZWxBrief and renew your membership.


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The best way to reach us is by email.

*Please note that we are no longer are associated with the WeatherSpork app. All active and inactive subscriptions to AvWxWorkshops were moved to the EZWxBrief database during the transition on April 7, 2021. If you desire to be removed from the EZWxBrief customer database, please send us an email (see above) and we'd be happy to delete your account. Consequently, no renewals can be purchased through AvWxWorkshops. To renew your EZWxBrief membership you need to sign in to your EZWxBrief account.

About Us is owned and operated by Dr. Scott C. Dennstaedt. Scott is the founder of EZWxBrief and is an FAA-certificated instrument flight instructor and former NWS research meteorologist specializing in aviation weather training. Scott is an aviation author who has written over 200 articles for various aviation magazines to include IFR, Plane & Pilot, Pilot Journal, Flying, Aviation Consumer and Twin & Turbine magazines just to name a few. He is also the co-author of Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines.

Scott has logged over 3,500 hours of flight time all throughout the United States. He's always had a love for weather and aviation since childhood and is now enjoying his true vocation of teaching.

The best way to reach Scott is by e-mail at .