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"The trip on Friday went perfectly, the weather behaved as we had discussed online and since I ended up leaving later than planned it was VMC all the time. On Sunday on the way back I was IMC all the time. I have to say that, thanks to all of your great teaching, I was confident, dare I almost say knew, that there were no issues with the weather. It was clear that the the atmosphere was stable along my route of flight and that the freezing level was way above my intended altitude."

Need a Speaker?

Looking for a keynote speaker at your next aviation event or program? As a member of the Transportation Speaker's Association, Scott would welcome the opportunity to speak at your next aviation event. Scott's qualifications and experience offer a unique perspective to aviation weather training not found anywhere else in aviation. If you are interested in obtaining more information on how to hire Scott to speak at your next event, please call (704) 759-6601 (between 8 am and 5 pm eastern time) or send an e-mail to contact@avwxworkshops.com

Flight Training

Expert Flight Instruction

Looking for a Columbia 400 or 350 Flight Instructor or Cirrus Flight Instructor? We currently specialize in Columbia flight instruction and Cirrus flight instruction including Columbia Factory Training. This includes training in Columbia 400 & 350s and Cirrus SR20 & SR22s and with all avionics configurations specializing in the Avidyne PFD, Garmin 430/530 and Stec autopilot & Garmin G1000 configurations.


Note: You must be able to provide your own plane for all flight training.


Pricing and services

Basic rates

Note: you must supply your own training aircraft. Basic daily rate for local* flight and ground instruction is $600. Non-local instruction is billed at a daily rate of $700 plus expenses**. Note there is a $300 charge for time spent traveling outside of normal training hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). A non-refundable deposit of $600 is required to secure all training dates. Other pilot services such as domestic ferry flights, aircraft pre-purchase flights, accompaniment flights and passenger transport will be at the respective daily rate.


Note that ground instruction is an integral part of flight training and is included in the daily rate. Students should expect to spend an equivalent amount of time engaged in classroom instruction as they will spend in the cockpit.


Hourly rates

Note: you must be able to supply your own training aircraft. The basic hourly rate for local ground and flight instruction is $90 per with a minimum of (4) four hours. This includes ground and flight instruction for the FAR 61.57(d) instrument proficiency check (IPC) and FAR 61.56(a) flight review (BFR).


* Preferred Charlotte airports include Monroe, NC (KEQY) and Rock Hill, SC (KUZA).

**Expenses include daily meals, airfare, lodging, ground transportation, tolls, parking, fuel and/or mileage ($0.51/mile).


Instrument Training


Want to fine tune your instrument skills? Rusty after being away from instrument flying for a while? Are you unfamiliar with your new avionics within the IFR environment? Need to get your instrument rating? We can certainly help. We currently offer a 10 to 12-day accelerated instrument training course here in Charlotte, North Carolina (or in limited circumstances we will travel to your location). The accelerated course will include all of the applicable flight and ground instruction required by FAR 61.65 (c) and FAR 61.65 (d)(2) guided by the instrument practical test standards (PTS). Student must provide his/her own aircraft and fuel. Study materials including texts, view limiting device, charts and maps are not included, but can be provided at an additional cost to the student. Daily and hourly rates above apply. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve dates for the accelerated instrument training course.



Known Ice Flight Training


Need expert flight training in your new Cirrus SR22 Turbo or other single-engine aircraft that is certified for flight into known icing conditions (FIKI)? We offer a 3-day introductory curriculum which includes both flight and ground instruction on how to safely flight plan through known icing conditions with an emphasis on minimizing your exposure to a dangerous icing environment. Depending on the local weather conditions, one or more flights into actual icing conditions may be taken. Course must be accomplished here in the Charlotte, NC area (or in limited circumstance may be offered in a location conducive for known icing). Cost of the 3-day program is $2,100 plus expenses. Course includes the Ice Is NOT Nice Part 1 CD-ROM. Ice Is NOT Nice Part 2 can be purchased separately. Please note that you must provide your own training aircraft and that flights into known icing conditions are dependent on the weather conditions in the vicinity of the training location. Travel expenses apply when the course is offered outside of the Charlotte, NC region.


Flight training deposit


$119 Gift certificate

$1000 Flight training deposit