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Frequently Asked Questions

At AvWxWorkshops.com we want to make your experience a pleasant one.  If you can't find the answer to your question below or have additional questions, comments or suggestions about our site, our products or our services, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at scott@avwxworkshops.com. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Q.  What does AvWxWorkshops stand for?

A.  AvWxWorkshops stands for "Aviation Weather Workshops." It's your best online source for aviation weather education!

Q.  Who is Chesapeake Aviation Training?

A.  Chesapeake Aviation Training was a privately-held firm headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  That firm has transitioned to AvWxWorkshops Inc now headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information about us, please click here.

Q.  What method of payment can I use to become a member?

A.  We prefer that you pay by major credit card or send a payment to us via PayPal. We only accept MasterCard or Visa at the moment.  If sending an electronic payment via PayPal, please use skdennstaedt@gmail.com (send as a friend). Or if you prefer not to use a credit card you can send us a personal or business check via the mail.  If you pay by check, your account with AvWxWorkshops.com will not become active until your check clears. Please note that at this moment we cannot process your check online. A check must be mailed to our corporate address.

Q.  Can I automatically renew my membership with AvWxWorkshops.com?

A.  No.  At this time, we are not allowing for automatic renewal.  We may consider this feature in the future. 

Q.  What happened to the Wx Brief Only membership?

A.  We discontinued that membership given that most subscribers were Elite members.

Q.  I don't like using my credit card over the Internet.  Can I call with a credit card number to become a member or purchase a product or service?

A.  No, we would simply use the same approach to enter your credit card as you would via our website.

Q.  If I want to pay by check where do I send my payment? 

A. Please make your check out to AvWxWorkshops Inc and send the payment to:

AvWxWorkshops Inc.

10115 Buggy Horse Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28277

Q.  Do you provide your premium workshops on DVD or CD-ROM or can they be downloaded to my computer?

A.  No.  Premium workshops are no longer available on CD-ROM or DVD. You can only purchase them for online viewing. We don't currently allow you to download any workshops.

Q.  Can I purchase a premium workshop and not be an Elite member?

A.  Yes.  If you are not an Elite member we can provide you with a 7-day trial Elite membership if you purchase any premium workshop. Even if you don't decide to renew your Elite membership after 7 days, you will still have 24/7 access to the premium workshop purchased.

Q.  Can I still view a premium workshop that I purchased even though my membership has expired?

A.  Yes.  Purchasing a premium workshop for online viewing entitles you to view this workshop even if your membership expires. Regardless of your membership status, simply login and go the My Workshops link in the upper-right of the home page and start the workshop.

Q.  What happened to The Weather Report forums?

A. No.  Due to security concerns with the commercial-off-the-shelf software used, we discontinued the forums. Look for a future blog that will contain similar content.

Q.  Will your workshops play on portable devices such as an iPad or iPhone?

A.  Yes. All basic workshops are developed in HTML5 and will play on portable devices such as an iPad or iPhone. Please note that not all premium workshops, however, have been converted to the HTML5 format and may not be viewable on an iPad or iPhone at this time.

Q.  Can I download any workshop to my computer or portable device?

A.  No.  Basic and premium workshops cannot be downloaded at this time. Elite members of AvWxWorkshops.com have 24/7 access to all basic workshops assuming you have online access. Premium workshops must always be purchased separately.

Q.  If I purchase any premium workshop to view it online, can I view it more than once?

A.  Yes.  Purchasing any premium workshop for online viewing provides 24/7 access to the workshop; you can view it as little or as often as you'd like. In fact, if there is an update to the premium workshop, you will get this for FREE when you purchase the workshop for online viewing. Even more, if your membership expires, you will still be able to login and view any premium workshop you purchased.

Q.  Can I rent an aircraft from AvWxWorkshops Inc?

A.  No.  We do not own training aircraft.  You must supply your own aircraft for flight training.

Q.  How often are new workshops released to members and Elite members of AvWxWorkshops.com?

A.  Normally you can expect a new workshop to be released every six weeks.  At times, workshops may be released on a more or less frequent basis. 

Q.  I've forgotten my username or password.  What can I do to recover it?

A.  Your username is always the e-mail address you used when you registered as a member.  If you are not sure of the e-mail address you used when you joined or forgot your password, you can always send us an e-mail at scott@avwxworkshops.com. We'd be happy to help.  Because passwords are encrypted we can only reset your password. Alternatively, you can request your password be reset using the link in the login pane.  Simply click on login button at the top of this window and select the "Click here if you forgot or lost your password" link.  An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address we have on file and a temporary password will be assigned.  When you login, you will be required to change your temporary password. Please check your spam folders as this e-mail is automatically generated and frequently gets filtered.

Q.  Can I purchase a membership strictly to access the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap?

A.  No.  Only one membership type, namely, the Elite membership is available at this time.

Q.  Can I purchase a gift certificate to AvWxWorkshops.com?

A.  No.  Currently we do not offer gift certificates.

Q.  My promotion code isn't being accepted.  I've double-checked the code.  What could be wrong?

A.  Some promotions have an expiration date or are limited by the number of uses. Also be sure there are no spaces before or after the promo code.   Please send an e-mail to scott@avwxworkshops.com and we'll be happy to look it up for you.

Q. How do I know when my membership expires?

A.  If you are logged in, look on the top-right of the home page. Your current expiration date will be shown here. Within 30 days of your expiration, it will be shown as an orange color. As an expired member, you will not have access the basic workshops in the library or accesss to the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap or The Weather Report. You will retain access to any premium workshops that you have specifically purchased. These will be contained in the My Workshops link in the upper-right side of the home page.

Q. I've logged into the site successfully, but it appears that I don't have access to the basic workshops, the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap or The Weather Report. What's wrong?

A.  Be sure that you are really logged into the site. If so, your membership may have recently expired. Check the expiration date in the upper-right corner of the home page. If your membership has not expired, logout of the Website and then log back in. This will normally restore access to those workshops.

Q. The home page only lists five workshops. Where are all of the remaining workshops in the library?

A.  After logging in, look at the top menu bar for the All Workshops selection. Making this selection will lead you to the other workshops available in the library. This will also allow you to search workshops by using a filter on the left of the page. There's also a sort function as well on the top-right above the list of workshops.

Q.  Can I get a refund for any products or services including memberships?

A. No.  All sales are final.

Q.  I am on my iPad and am not hearing sound when I am playing the workshops. How can I fix that?

A. Most likely you have your sound muted. On older style iPads there is a manual slider switch. If you switch that to the other setting you'll get sound. Otherwise, the newer iPad you need to go to the home screen and swipe up (like you do to turn on the flashlight app). You will see a bell icon. Make sure the bell shows white. If it is red with a line through it, it means your sound for these workshops is muted. Tap on that bell to turn it white and sound will now play.