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30 hour TAFs: A slight change to the TAF format

Added on: March 27, 2008        Duration: 7 minutes

Terminal aerodrome forecasts, better known as TAFs are issued 4 times daily and represents a forecast for the expected meteorological conditions at an airport that are significant to aviation for a specified period of time. Normally this period is 24 hours. While 24 hours will still be the norm...

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A case of bad CIP

Added on: October 12, 2009        Duration: 12 minutes

It’s never a good practice to rely too heavily on any one piece of weather guidance when making a preflight decision. For those pilots that regularly use the Current Icing Product (or CIP) for your preflight weather briefings you’ll want to pay close attention. While CIP usually does...

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Air mass modification

Added on: December 22, 2016        Duration: 10 minutes

An air mass is an extremely large body of air whose properties of temperature and moisture are fairly similar in any horizontal direction at any given latitude. While air masses are three-dimensional, their lateral dimensions are typically two or three orders of magnitude larger than their vertical dimensions. Most pilots tend to focus what may occur at the air mass boundary and rarely...

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Anomalous propagation

Added on: May 13, 2014        Duration: 7 minutes

NEXRAD from the NWS WSR-88D Doppler radars is probably one of the first products a pilot studies before departing on any cross country flight. For the most part, it provides a very high glance value with very little knowledge or training required to use the product safely. It’s also the data used to build the satellite weather display employed by thousands of pilots in the cockpit. However, the NEXRAD image isn’t always clean and...

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Area Forecast Discussions

Added on: December 16, 2015        Duration: 11 minutes

A terminal aerodrome forecast (TAF) is perhaps the most difficult forecast any meteorologist will ever make. What pilots don’t realize, however, is that a TAF is sometimes filled to the brim with assumptions and overflows with meteorological risk. Forecasters are obliged to...

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