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Convective flight planning: Maintaining situational awareness

Added on: February 20, 2009         Duration: 17 minutes

Once you step away from the computer and head out to preflight your airplane, many decisions pertaining to the flight have already been made. Route and altitude have been chosen and your flight plan has been filed hoping it will minimize your exposure to adverse weather. But the weather analysis doesn’t stop after the door to the cockpit is shut and you’re taxiing out to depart; in fact, on some long cross country flights it’s just beginning. Once you are airborne, having a keen awareness to the changing environment around you is paramount. Don’t ignore what the sky is telling you. Whether you are flying VFR or IFR, the clouds you will see will often tell you about what is happening with the environment along and ahead of your route. Using a case analysis from an actual flight, we will explore how the presence or absence of clouds play a role in the your decision making while en route to your destination.


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