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Lightning - What it can tell you about a storm

Added on: August 4, 2016         Duration: 8 minutes

In looking at all forms of adverse weather, convection is perhaps the most disruptive to the National Airspace System. During the spring, summer and fall, thunderstorms often impact a large part of the U.S. and southern Canada keeping pilots from flying direct to their destination. While not all thunderstorms are alike, most pilots understand and appreciate that lightning depicted within or near a cell shown on the NEXRAD mosaic is a clear indicator of the presence of a strong updraft and severe or extreme convective turbulence within and near the storm. In fact, lightning can often tell you more about the severity of the thunderstorm than simply looking at the colors on the current NEXRAD mosaic. In this workshop we’ll take a look at the characteristics of lightning and what lightning can tell you about how to evaluate the intensity of a thunderstorm.


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