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Ground-based Radar: Composite reflectivity

Added on: February 1, 2016         Duration: 7 minutes

In the pilot world there is a ubiquitous debate that continues to argue over which is better to use, NEXRAD composite reflectivity or base reflectivity from the lowest elevation angle. Without question, both provide the pilot with a high glance value to point out the location and movement of the truly nasty adverse weather that is occurring along your proposed route. Although you might be surprised to learn that in many locations across the U.S., the composite reflectivity image you study before or during a flight is largely made up of only the lowest three or four elevation angles of the radar. So in these areas the composite reflectivity and base reflectivity from the lowest elevation angle are not all that different. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how distance from the radar site affects that composite reflectivity image you put so much faith in before and during a flight.


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