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Using the 12-hour Probability of Precipitation (PoP) forecast

Added on: June 4, 2015         Duration: 8 minutes

When we make a decision to depart on any round-robin flight, it's not unusual to also factor in the expected weather on the return trip. If the return leg doesn't look very promising, what's the sense in making a flight that may put us in a compromising position later on. But if that flight is three or more days in the future, how do you know that it'll be safe to fly back home? That's a difficult question to answer because at three days and beyond there really isn't any aviation-specific weather guidance that can tell you about adverse weather elements such as low ceilings and/or low visibility, airframe icing and turbulence. All hope isn’t lost, however. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to use the 12-hour Probability of Precipitation forecast to help plan for those long-range flight planning decisions.


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