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Cumulus cloud tops

Added on: May 30, 2014         Duration: 10 minutes

During the warm season, cumulus are the most common clouds in the sky. While they will rarely cause you to cancel a flight, they tend to occur at popular IFR en route altitudes and come with some important considerations. Not only are cumulus clouds precursors for deep, moist convection or thunderstorms, they can turn what should be an easy flight into an unpleasant one if you don’t plan ahead. Flight through or below a healthy cumulus cloud is often quite turbulent and can generate nasty icing when penetrating the cloud at an altitude with static air temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, especially near the tops. To minimize your exposure, flight over these clouds usually results in a smooth and uneventful ride. In this workshop, we will examine how to determine the vertical extent of cumuliform clouds.


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