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Scott's pet peeve number 4 - Using AIRMET Zulu during the cold season

Added on: November 22, 2011         Duration: 8 minutes

AIRman’s METeorological Information or more simply AIRMETs are en route advisories issued by forecasters at the Aviation Weather Center (AWC). They are issued four times a day to place a boundary around regions of widespread adverse weather that is potentially hazardous to all aircraft, but does not meet SIGMET criteria. This includes en route advisories for moderate turbulence, sustained surface winds greater than 30 knots, non-convective low level wind shear, moderate structural icing and freezing level, IFR conditions and mountain obscuration. While AIRMETs remain the official en route advisory to pilots, they do have some important limitations especially related to structural icing. In this workshop, we’ll discuss why flying within the boundary of AIRMET Zulu does not imply you will automatically encounter structural icing.


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