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Convective SIGMETs

Added on: August 25, 2014         Duration: 6 minutes

A single cell pulse thunderstorm is very easy to spot in the distance and maneuver around while in flight. However, when thunderstorms become embedded, severe or are dense in coverage within an area or along a line, they are considered a significant en route hazard to aviation and the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) will “protect” this airspace by issuing one or more convective SIGMETs (WSTs) to warn pilots of this threat. While it is critical for all pilots to avoid deep, moist convection, not all thunderstorms will fall within the confines of a convective SIGMET (WST). In this workshop, we will review the criteria used by forecasters at the AWC to better understand how a dangerous line or area of thunderstorms may be present even without the protection of a convective SIGMET.


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