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GFS and NAM Model Output Statistics (MOS)

Added on: March 3, 2010         Duration: 14 minutes

Terminal aerodrome forecasts, simply known to pilots as TAFs, are one of the most widely used and detailed forecasts made available to pilots. However, in the U.S. and its territories there are only 625 airports for which a TAF is issued. This leaves pilots without a detailed forecast specific for aviation for over 3,000 airports in the U.S. Model Output Statistics or “MOS” is certainly not a familiar term to many pilots, but it has existed for decades. MOS provides a TAF-like forecast for over 1,700 airports throughout the country and pilots are just beginning to tap into this valuable resource. While MOS will rarely be as accurate as a TAF which is constructed by a skilled meteorologist, it offers site-specific guidance for many more airports in addition to providing a forecast beyond the TAF’s 24 or 30 hour valid period. In this workshop you’ll learn how MOS guidance is generated and learn how to read the MOS tabular bulletin.


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