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Using the satellite image on XM-based weather

Added on: June 22, 2009         Duration: 7 minutes

There are some products on your satellite-based weather that are essentially, “what you see is what you get” or what is commonly referred to as WYSIWYG. A few examples include METARs, PIREPs and TAFs. XM-based satellite weather also includes a low resolution infrared satellite image that can be very useful at times. But it isn’t one of the WYSIWYG products. If you’ve used the satellite image frequently, you may already have discovered a few of its limitations. The satellite image broadcast is taken from an infrared channel, and therefore, is not a visible satellite image. Yes, a visible image could be broadcast, but it would only be useful during the daylight hours. After sunset, the infrared image continues to show were most clouds are located. As you will learn in this workshop, the image may not show you were all clouds are located " day or night.


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