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Shallow convective icing

Added on: May 4, 2009         Duration: 11 minutes

It's the latter half of April and winter has yet to let go of its icy grip. A cold front has just roared through the Upper and Lower Great Lakes states ushering in a blast of cold air aloft. Freezing levels have dropped to nearly 3,000 feet in many locations. Even though the trailing cold front is now to the east of the Appalachian Mountains, that doesn't mean the potential for serious icing has also followed suit. By the early afternoon, a nasty icing situation is about to unfold throughout the Ohio Valley and Upper Great Lakes area. Post-cold frontal icing can erupt within an hour or less from a cloud-free morning leading to pilots scrambling to find a way out. But you can be prepared for this event by looking at the simulated reflectivity forecast product. Yes, a precipitation forecast such as this has a lot of good clues about the potential for a serious icing event. We'll discuss what to look for in this workshop.


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