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September 9 , 2013

by AvWxWorkshops.com

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Cold stratocumulus

Added on: March 10, 2014         Duration: 12 minutes

During the cold season, it is quite common to find a blanket of stratocumulus clouds in the wake of a strong cold front. Stratocumulus clouds rarely have a depth of more than a few thousand feet. Even when it is cold enough for structural icing, pilots are often tempted to descend or climb through this rather...

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Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (CCFP)

Added on: March 4, 2014         Duration: 10 minutes

Convective weather is undoubtedly the single most disruptive force affecting the National Airspace System (NAS). Consequently, these disruptions can quickly engender major delays in the system. So the best the FAA and NWS can do is to pinpoint where those disruptions will likely be located in near future and then...

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Isolated convective turbulence

Added on: January 10, 2014         Duration: 8 minutes

What season comes to mind when you hear the term convective turbulence? It is not a surprise to hear that most pilots wouldn’t hesitate to answer summertime. That makes the most sense given that convective or thermal turbulence is...

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Improving your wx briefings tip number 3 - Matching online guidance to your flight plan

Added on: December 17, 2013         Duration: 19 minutes

When planning any flight, you will typically have a departure time in mind. You plug in your departure airport, proposed route and destination airport into your favorite flight planner and this will typically calculate an estimated time en route. While your departure and arrival times may slide around a bit during your...

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Standing wave clouds

Added on: November 19, 2013         Duration: 7 minutes

A flight over a mountain range is one of the most captivating experiences any pilot will enjoy. But as spectacular as this may appear pilots must also be aware that terrain such as this can induce...

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